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Applied Computer Science Student

Hello, I'm Sohaib Ibenhajene, a Applied Computer Science student from Belgium. I first fell in love with IT at the age of 14, when I built my first computer. Since then I've been learning more and more about IT. I truly love programming, especially when it comes to Back-End. I love working in team especially when I can learn from the people I'm working with. Besides programming I do multiple sports like Jiu Jitsu, Fitness and Boxing.
I look forward to a career in development where I can put my skills to good use. Feel free to scroll trough my online portfolio and get to know me better.

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As an Applied Computer Science student, I've developed a variety of technical and soft skills that make me a valuable addition to any team. This section highlights my top four skills, including my ability to overcome obstacles and see projects through to completion, and my knowledge in relevant programming languages and database management.


Perseverance is one of my greatest strengths. I never give up when working towards a goal, and always see a task through to completion. My strong commitment to achieving success, no matter how challenging the task, sets me apart and helps me succeed in both personal and professional goals.


Communication is one of my strengths. As a good team worker, I prioritize clear and effective communication. I listen actively and ensure that I understand needs of others. My communication skills help me build strong relationships and make valuable contributions to every project or team.


Java programming, particularly with Thymeleaf, is a passion of mine. I enjoy developing robust and scalable applications and am always eager to learn from others to expand my skills. I look forward to exploring even more of what this powerful and flexible language has to offer.


Working with databases, especially MySQL, is something that I really enjoy, and I'm excited to learn more about its possibilities. While I'm not yet an expert, I do have experience with implementing databases into web applications. I look forward to learning more about what MysQL has to offer.

My Projects

Requirements Analysis

Working with a client

For this project I had to work together with classmates. We needed to make a use case model and prototypes according to the needs of the client. We first started with a meeting with the client to get a basic understanding of their company. We followed this up with more meetings to get feedback from the client. Finally we had to present all of our prototypes to the client.


Devops & Security

Case study

For the Case Study, I could choose between 3 different cases, a Windows Forms/ WPF App, a Webscraper or an ASP.NET web app. I chose a Windows Forms application with a SQLite Database. In the end, I chose to create a Maze Game. It's a small 2d game, where you have move your cursor trough a difficult maze. You have a limited amount of lives and your time is also recorded. So, if you're fast you can land a nice spot on the leaderboard.


Project PHP

De Stickies

For this project I had to work together with classmates. We needed to make a use case model, data model and multiple prototypes according to the needs of our client. We then needed to present these prototypes to our client to get feedback. Finally we had to make a working php webapplication based on the prototypes and the feedback from the client. Our client wanted a webapplication for their hockeclub called De Stickies.


Webdesign Advanced


For this project I had to get creative with my classmates. We needed to make a website without a database, using HTML, Javascript and Sass. We had our own choice in what we wanted to make. We decided to make a website where you can learn programming languages. We called it EZTyping. We made a website where you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Lua, Java, Python, C# and TypeScript.


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+32 485 28 ** **


Turnhout, Antwerp, Belgium